Volunteer On The Slope

2018 Volunteering Information will be posted soon! Stay tuned!

On Slope Day, approximately 800 volunteers are needed to assist in the operations on and around Libe Slope. Without this help, Slope Day simply would not happen. There are two types (Level 1 and Level 2) of Slope Day Volunteers, who help out both on and off the Slope in a variety of ways.

Want to help plan Slope Day volunteering? Email slopehelp@cornell.edu!

Types of Volunteers

Level 1: Students

Volunteers will work at least one 2 hour shift. These volunteers will mostly be on the Slope encouraging attendees to eat and drink, distributing water, picking up litter, and watching out for people in need of medical attention. Other volunteers will work SlopeFest on Ho Plaza manning a number of different attractions. Students who work all day will receive free meal tickets. All volunteers are entered into a raffle for gift cards to local restaurants and can participate in a pre-sale for tickets to a CCC or CUPB show during the coming academic year. Undergraduate students should fill out this form.

Graduate Students:

If you put in a quality and hardworking shift as a student volunteer (Level 1), we will waive your admissions fee. Please ensure you receive a confirmation email so we can issue you a ticket. You will need this ticket to pick up a wristband. To sign up for volunteering, please fill out this form.

Level 2: Staff and Faculty ONLY

Volunteers will work at least one 4 hour shift. These volunteers will work the gates and ID check areas, as well as the beer tent, and roam sections both on and off the slope to provide assistance where needed.

Slope Day is Thursday, May 11, and volunteers are needed to help with this annual event. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to provide support and care for your fellow Cornellians. Your job will not be to police the slope, just to help make the day safe, relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you have volunteered in the past, consider doing so this year. Volunteers significantly contribute to the success of this event.

Staff and faculty volunteers are needed for shifts that begin at different times throughout the day. You can select from a number of “Level 2” volunteer duties. The length of the commitment will vary depending upon the volunteer position selected. All staff and faculty volunteers are asked to submit an online application and attend a training session, where your volunteer duties will be reviewed. Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering.

Pay practices for Slope Day

For volunteers, supervisory approval is needed for volunteer assignments that coincide with scheduled work hours. Hours spent volunteering that coincide with the employee’s regularly scheduled work hours will be considered paid release time. To record the paid volunteer time in Kronos, use the earnings code PDL (paid leave) and enter the number of paid leave hours. Hours spent volunteering outside of scheduled work hours are unpaid.

For staff members required to work: Nonexempt staff members who are required to work the Slope Day event must be paid for all hours worked during the event, even if such hours do not coincide with their regularly scheduled work hours. Such time should be entered as In/Out time in Kronos. If you are unsure whether you are assisting at Slope Day in a purely volunteer capacity or in a required capacity, contact your supervisor or your college/unit human resources representative for clarification. If additional information is needed, call Human Resources at 255-6894.

For exempt staff members:  Exempt staff members who provide assistance during Slope Day in either capacity above will receive their usual compensation.

Questions? Email slopehelp@cornell.edu.


Volunteers are not expected to be police officers! If you decide to be a volunteer, here are some of the things that you will be asked to do during a typical shift:

  • Watch for people in need of medical attention and request assistance from CU EMS if necessary.
  • Keep sidewalks open for CU EMS personnel.
  • Encourage participants to eat food and consume non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Ask participants to stop behavior that could hurt themselves or others.
  • Assist with activities on the Slope and at Slope Fest on Ho Plaza.
  • Distribute water.
  • Help provide a safe, clean, and fun Slope Day.
  • Have a good time!

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer

  1. Be part of Cornell’s oldest and greatest tradition.
  2. Everyone you know will be there.
  3. Build your resume.
  4. Experience the alcohol-free magic of SlopeFest.
  5. Meet new and exciting people.
  6. Free coffee to keep you caffeinated.
  7. Get to know CU Police … in a good way.
  8. Get in your service hours while having fun.
  9. You’ll get a free Slope Day T-Shirt and water bottle!
  10. A chance to win some great prizes.

 For more information, contact slopehelp@cornell.edu.