Slope Day FAQs

1. If I am arriving to campus late at night on Tuesday, May 7th, how can I get my wristband?

We will have wristband locations open until 11pm on Tuesday night, and there will be several distribution sites open the morning of the event.

2. If I am a graduate student, how do I purchase a guest pass?

Graduate students can purchase up to two graduate student tickets; the first is for the purchasers use and the second can be used for the guest. Tickets are on sale at

3. If I have been accepted into the Class of 2023, can I attend the event for free?

No, you must be an enrolled undergraduate who pays tuition to attend the event for free.

4. Why do graduate students have to purchase tickets?

Slope Day receives its funding from the Undergraduate Student Assembly. Undergraduates pay a student activities fee along with their tuition that goes directly toward the Slope Day budget. The event does not receive funding from the Graduate Student Assembly, so we ask that graduate students purchase tickets.

5. Can staff/faculty purchase guest passes?

No, guest passes are only available to undergraduate and graduate students and alumni.

6. Can I bring my children to the event?

No person under 18 is allowed to attend the event.

7. If I purchased a ticket but can no longer attend the event, can I be refunded?

All purchased tickets are non-refundable.

8. If I am 21, can I purchase beer during the event?

Yes, there will be a beer distribution tent on the slope. Please bring a government issued ID. You must have a credit card to purchase beer! Note that you can purchase beer and food tickets online ahead of the event.

9. If I am on a leave of absence, can I still attend the event for free?

That depends on your status with the university, however you will most likely not be able to attend for free.

10. If I graduated in December of 2018, can I still attend the event for free?

Yes, you can still attend the event for free. Sometimes there can be mistakes in our system with December graduates so we ask that you please try to get your wristbands early so we have time to resolve any conflicts.