Cornell Dining proudly offers a wide variety of delicious food on Slope Day. This year, the food menu will include pulled pork, tacos, buffalo chicken, philly cheese steak, bavarian pretzels, and more! Check out the food tents to see what else they will have in store.

Check the dining area below Willard Straight Hall to see what they’ll be preparing for the event this year.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Food & Non-alcoholic beverages – Credit Card, Cornell Card, Meal Choice, and Big Red Bucks
  • Beer – Credit Card and Cornell Card

Keeping the Slope Green

In an effort to make Slope Day a green event, Cornell Dining serves all food in compostable or recyclable materials. Cups, plates, napkins and utensils are all made of compostable materials, so please place them into the yellow composting bins. The free water distributed on the slope will be Eco-Fina, which is bottled using 50% less plastic. Please place these bottles into the blue plastic recycling bins.

Let’s keep the Slope green by throwing trash into the appropriate receptables.